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Once in our manor, you can relive the past and the authentic emotions of the history of Ischia. The estate, the cellars, the Bocche di Tifeo, the fumarole trail, the little church Rosa and much more.

“To wonder about everything is the first step of reason towards discovery”.


The manor

Seven and a half hectares of vineyards and a 600 square meters cellar, with a breathtaking view over the sea. This is the business card of our manor, that has been recovered from more than 40 years of abandonment.... this is a real proof of love for the island of Ischia. Our mission has been to increase the value of a territory that we love and that is part of us, through the production of a quality wine.


Our cellars

Our wines are processed in a beautiful cellar of 1878, entirely dug into the soft green tuff of mount Epomeo. After 40 years of abandonment, the cellar has been wisely restored to its former glory: only the ceilings were redone; on bearing walls are still visible the “ventarole”, mounths dug into the rock to guarantee the constant aeration of the cellar.


La Bocca di Tifeo

Tenuta C'Est la Vie is crossed by a path that will lead you to a place of unusual beauty: prickly pears, olive trees and cultivated fields are situated near a vertical wall of rough rock that becomes red and steaming in some places. They are called “Bocche di Tifeo di Panza” and they snort near the Epomeo, creating a strange but also captivating sight. The fumaroles are nothing more than emanations of steam and gas near active volcanoes. The show is remarkable and in a panoramic position, with the background of the entire Forio coastline and Punta Imperatore, the hill that surrounds the famous beach of Citara.


Donna Rachele

Many important events have marked the twentieth-century history of Ischia. In 1948 our estate was used as confinement by Rachele Guidi Mussolini, widow of Benito Mussolini. Donna Rachele, as she was called, spent here several years with three of her children. The circumstance intrigued Truman Capote: in 1949 he was on holiday in Forio and wrote this fact in his travel notes, later included in his book “The dogs bark”.


La Cappella Rosa

The Cappella Rosa has been built in tuff bricks and has a rectangular plan. Without a roof for a long time, we have expertly rebuilt it and restored it to its former glory. In addition to the main entrance, the church has an access on the right side, from which you can enter in the main room. In the back wall two niches were supposedly destined to receive statues.

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